NEW UPDATE: May 26, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution, we have determined the need to pause production out of our Phoenix facility in response to a COVID-19 case. The facility is working through planned protocols based on CDC guidance. Because we have the ability to flow work between our facilities seamlessly, all Phoenix volume is being redirected. We do not anticipate an impact on SLAs. Clients will be notified directly if there are any exceptions. We will provide any updates or extensions on this page at the end of the week.

Update:  May 8, 2020

There are no new updates this week. All facilities and systems remain fully operational.


Update:  May 1, 2020

Several jurisdictions have begun circulating phased re-entry plans, as some stay-at-home orders are scheduled to expire. RevSpring’s physical offices will remain closed through May 31, 2020. All four RevSpring production facilities remain open and operational. Access to RevSpring production facilities remains restricted to production staff and critical vendors only.

Update: April 17, 2020

There are no new updates this week. All facilities and systems remain fully operational.

Update: April 10, 2020

RevSpring’s COVID-19 task force remains active. We are monitoring all aspects of the business for risk and are continuously monitoring federal and local executive orders. To date, we are happy to report that we have not had any service impacts as a result of COVID-19. As governors across the US have begun to adjust orders on essential businesses and work from home guidelines, our four production facilities remain open and operational. Staffing levels in our production facilities remain high. Our non-production staff continues to work from home with secure access to all critical systems, which is working well and sustainable. Many clients have reached out asking for services to sustain their own work from home models, modifications to service, and other communication support, and we’ve been able to move quickly to accommodate those requests. 

When we have additional updates, we will continue to post them here. We will push any notices that may require the immediate attention of our customers. 

Update:  March 31, 2020

Effective today, the Governor of Arizona has issued an executive "Stay at Home" order. The executive order outlines "Essential Business and Operations" that must remain open. RevSpring identifies as "Mail, Post, Shipping, Logistics, Delivery and Pick-Up Services," and therefore will remain open and operational. This remains true for all of our production locations.

Update:  March 30, 2020

We have no new updates. All production systems and facilities continue to operate efficiently and within standard SLAs.

Update:  March 27, 2020 - no new updates

Update:  March 25, 2020

Today the Governor of Minnesota has issued an executive order, effective Friday evening (3.27.2020), which directs all Minnesotans to Stay at Home. The Executive Order references the CISA memorandum and outlines Critical Sector work, which must continue. As with our other production facilities in other states, RevSpring identifies as an “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce,” and will remain open and operational. 

Update:  March 24, 2020 - no new updates 

Update:  March 23, 2020

Our four production facilities remain open, operational, and continue to achieve Service Level Agreements across the board. Staffing levels in our production facilities remain high, with very few unplanned absences. The supply chain that supports RevSpring’s print operations remains stable and uninterrupted. We are in daily contact with our major suppliers, all of which are considered Essential Critical Infrastructure, and remain open. Even though our supply chain is stable, we have taken measures to increase our onsite storage of paper, envelopes, and consumables in our four production facilities. The majority of RevSpring’s professional staff have transitioned to working remotely, and we believe RevSpring’s “remote work model” is sustainable as long as necessary. RevSpring’s COVID-19 taskforce remains active; we are monitoring all aspects of the business for risk and are continuously monitoring federal and local executive orders. RevSpring remains nimble and ready; we will continue to provide additional updates as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Update:  March 22, 2020

This morning the Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Tennessee) issued a "Safer at Home" order for all businesses of Davidson County, which requires all "non-essential" businesses to close. Under this order, RevSpring is considered an Essential Business and will remain open. All four of RevSpring's production facilities remain open and operational.

Update:  March 21, 2020

The Governor of Pennsylvania added Printing and Related Support activities to  the list of Life Sustaining businesses, confirming RevSpring's ability to continue our print operations in PA.


Update:  March 20, 2020

We continue to monitor COVID-19 status regularly and our task force is active to stay on top of changing developments. We are pleased to report that this event has had no negative impact on our service operations to date. All production facilities are open and operational, and digital services continue without disruption.

We have had questions that we want to address:

  • On 3/19/2020, the Department of Homeland Security issued a memorandum on the clarification of "Essential Critical Infrastructure." We believe that RevSpring is identified as an "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce" and must remain open and operational during the COVID-19 response.

  • On 3/19/2020, the Governor of Pennsylvania ordered all non-life sustaining businesses to close. We believe RevSpring provides a critical communication infrastructure that provides essential services to hospitals and healthcare providers necessary for their continued operation, and that we are exempt from closure.

We will post another update should either situation evolve. We have the ability to redirect print work to other facilities in the unlikely event that any facility is impacted.

As your communication partner, please know we are here to support you during this time. If there is anything we can do to help, please contact us. Stay well.

Original post:  March 17, 2020

We continue to monitor coronavirus status regularly on the CDC website ( We understand that you may be concerned about the potential impact on our ability to distribute consumer communications. We are taking the situation seriously and have assembled a task force to protect our operations from undue risk and inspect our business continuity plans for this particular situation. We continue to monitor the situation for local and national responses to the virus and will do everything possible to minimize any customer impact.  

Leaders in every area of our business are meeting regularly to ensure our preparedness regarding production, cloud technology services, customer service, and finance. We continue to be focused on supporting our employees’ health and well-being, and keeping our business running smoothly. Please find specific updates below. 

Employee Health and Safety – To help prevent the spread of the virus, we have imposed certain travel restrictions and remote working options for non-production employees. Internal and external meetings between our facilities have been limited, and eliminated entirely for production locations. Proper cough and sneeze etiquette and hand-washing reminders are being shared throughout the company. In addition, we will be limiting non-essential visitors to our operations and postponing onsite client meetings with our sales and support teams until after April 30th. 

Business Continuity – Our production centers are operating normally, as well as our technology operations. We continue to monitor and evolve our contingency plans should an outbreak occur in one of our facilities. We are also working closely with our suppliers to avoid any interruptions to our operations.  We are scrutinizing all procedures to eliminate controllable risk related to cross contamination and preparing for a site, city, corridor, or regional quarantine. 

Review of DR and BC Procedures – We have reviewed our standard plans against this particular situation. Our plans do stipulate for pandemic events, but we are working to solidify our preparedness in light of the general guidance from the CDC for COVID-19 specifically. 

Thank you for your continued support as a client of RevSpring. Check back to this page often for additional updates.

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