A Workbook Written Specifically for RCM

This hands-on book is filled with articles, exercises, valuable tips, and tactics to help healthcare decision makers and those working in the RCM space plan, implement, and evaluate their current patient engagement strategies.

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About the Authors

April Wilson
Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at RevSpring

April Elliott Wilson has a long history of measuring and optimizing digital media for top brands. A technology enthusiast from grade school, she built her career around evangelizing using big data to grow customer engagement. 

Somlynn Rorie
Healthcare Marketing at RevSpring

Somlynn Rorie is a professional marketer, editor, and writer. Her articles and research have been published in natural health and supplement trade publications and medical journals. Somlynn is a contributing editor at the Journal of American Water Works Association, a freelance ghostwriter, and editor of textbooks and fiction novels.