Don't let hindsight be your vision in 2020!

SESSION 1 (10:00 am EST)

2020 Vision: Set Your Sights on Digital Transformation & Omni-Channel Patient Engagement 

2020 is the year in which healthcare organizations must evolve from print-only financial communications and fragmented multi-channel systems. Omni-channel provides a superior patient experience that centralizes print and digital communication channels and uses patient preferences and historical behavior to predict the most favorable and positive financial outcomes.

In this session, we will discuss:

•   Taking a forward stance with a digital first strategy while leveraging patient consents

•   Capturing deeper patient knowledge, using your existing data

•   Connecting the back, middle, and front offices for a streamlined patient journey

SESSION 2 (11:30 am EST)

Survey Says? Surprising Patient Billing Survey Results; Gaps in Patients Desire vs. Actual Experience

In this session, we will discuss the results of RevSpring's 2019 Patient Billing Survey, which set out to examine how patients' perceptions toward healthcare billing has evolved, what channels were being used to review and pay their medical bills, and what challenges or roadblocks kept patients from having a positive financial encounter. We will make recommendations on patient experience based on the outcomes of the survey and set you up with a roadmap for innovation within your organization.

SESSION 3 (1:00 pm EST)

Fit the Payment to the PatientTM  

Innovations in the Payment Experience

Personalized payment solutions are an integral part of the patient experience, which includes payment methods and options for the patient to self-pay; resources for billing staff to provide payment support services; and integrations that expand the use of your existing systems. What new technologies are bridging payment gaps and improving the way patients resolve their financial obligations?

In this session, we will cover:

•   Personalized payment options

•   Messaging support for patient access and patient services staff

•   Voice of the Patient feedback

•   Seamless integration with your EMR/EHR - Epic and Cerner to improve the patient experience and improve payment performance

•   Merchant solutions and how to ease the administration of payment reconciliation for your team

SESSION 4 (2:30 pm EST)

Making the Digital Leap for Improved Cost Savings: A Customer Story

Learn how one RevSpring client transformed their revenue cycle by using digital communications and another transformed a fragmented patient experience into a consistent online patient engagement across all facilities. 

Customer Story #1:

Because this healthcare organization consists of 12 hospitals, 200+ ambulatory sites, hospice, home health, medical equipment and other health services, the organization found their patient experience differed across facilities. Different types and styles of statements were being sent from different HIS systems, and when patients called to respond to their statements, every patient had a different experience, ranging from the self-servicing environment or the application the customer service reps used to process patient transactions. In this session, we will show how the organization enhanced their overall patient engagement and experience by evolving into one brand, one online portal, and consistent patient experience.

Customer Story #2:

By adopting a digital first strategy, in which an organization prioritizes digital delivery above traditional print and mail, this RevSpring client was able to improve costs and patient payment collection efforts. By digitally sending important information to their patients using SMS/text messages and email before a statement, it allowed patients to engage and act on the information sooner and without the cost of traditional print and mail postage. Learn how this digital first approach can be a template for patient digital adoption and what is next in their patient engagement renovations.


RevSpring leads the market in financial communications and payment solutions that inspire patients to pay. Since 1981, the company has built the industry's most comprehensive and impactful suite of patient engagement, omni-channel communications and payment solutions backed by behavior analysis, propensity-to-pay scoring, contextual messaging and user experience best practices. Using proprietary data analytics to tailor the engagement from pre-service to post-service, we improve the financial experience and outcomes for providers and their patients.

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